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BTrackS™ Assess Balance

BTrackS™ Assess Balance software gives healthcare professionals and researchers a suite of standard and advanced protocols for objectively assessing and training an individual’s balance over time.

Applications and Uses

BTrackS Assess Balance Testing in Action
  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Functional Neurology
  • Normative Balance Screening
  • Vestibular Disorder Evaluation
  • Biofeedback-based Balance Training
  • Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation
  • Asymmetric Weight Distribution
  • Neuropathy Balance Disruption
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Orthopedic Evaluation

Interested in using BTrackS™ for scientific research?

Standard vs Advanced Versions

BTrackS™ Assess Balance comes in “Standard” and “Advanced” versions.

The Standard version has two test protocols and three training protocols to assess and train essential aspects of balance.

The Advanced version has thirteen protocols that provide the most complete solution for identifying balance issues and training balance. This software also comes with a foam pad for the mCTSIB protocol.

Overview of Assessment Protocols

Balance and Fall Risk

  • Time Efficient Test of Postural Sway
  • Normative Data based on Age/Sex
  • Validated Fall Risk Assessment

Sample Report

Weight Distribution

  • Left/Right Weight Percentages
  • Front/Back Weight Percentages
  • Global Postural Alignment Deviation

Sample Report

Modified CTSIB

  • Evaluate Sources of Sensory Feedback
  • Normative Data Percentile Rankings
  • Additional COP Metrics and Ellipses

Sample Report

LOS test on Laptop

Limits of Stability

  • Functional Base of Support Area
  • Total and Quadrant Areas Included
  • Real-time Performance Biofeedback

Sample Report

Cervical Challenge

  • Advanced Vestibular Assessment
  • Developed by Functional Neurologists
  • Compares 10 Neck Postures to Neutral

Sample Report

Single Leg Stance

  • Measure Right vs Left Stances
  • Determine a Symmetry Index
  • Track Symmetry Changes over time

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Overview of Training Protocols

Left/Right Targets

  • Medial-Lateral Weight Shifting
  • Easy, Moderate and Hard Targets
  • Longitudinal Performance Tracking

Sample Report

Front/Back Targets

  • Anterior/Posterior Weight Shifting
  • Easy, Moderate and Hard Targets
  • Longitudinal Performance Tracking

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Diagonal Targets

  • Bi-directional Weight Shifting
  • Easy, Moderate and Hard Targets
  • Longitudinal Performance Tracking

Sample Report

Random Targets

  • Multi-directional Weight Shifting
  • Auto-adaptive Target Sizes
  • Longitudinal Performance Tracking

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Target Tracking

  • Continuous Weight Shifting
  • Slow, Moderate and Fast Speeds
  • Longitudinal Performance Tracking

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Cognitive Motor (NEW)

  • Response inhibition training
  • “Go/No-Go” type paradigm
  • Accuracy and response time measures

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BTrackS™ Assess: Custom Design Protocol

Configurable Parameters

  • Design Unlimited Testing Protocols
  • Create up to 12 Trials per Protocol
  • Set Trial Durations from 1-300 Seconds

Sample Report

Twenty Comprehensive Center of Pressure Metrics

Magnitude Measures

  • COP Path Length
  • Average COPx Location
  • Average COPy Location
  • Medial-Lateral Range
  • Anterior-Posterior Range
  • 95% Confidence Ellipse Area
  • Length of Major Ellipse Axis
  • Length of Minor Ellipse Axis
  • Max Distance from COP Center
  • Average Distance from COP Center

Derivative Measures

  • Ellipse Rotation Angle
  • Maximum COP Velocity
  • Average Velocity
  • Maximum COP Acceleration
  • Average COP Acceleration
  • Mean Frequency of COP
  • Medial-Lateral Variability (RMS)
  • Anterior-Posterior Variability (RMS)
  • Fatigability Percentage
  • Adaptability Percentage

Data Visualization and Exporting

  • Real Time Biofeedback
  • Video Playback of each Trial
  • HTML Printable Reports
  • Baseline/Post-Baseline Comparisons
  • Export to Tab Delimited Text Files

Documents and Brochures

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mCTSIB Norms Overview

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