Demonstration of BTrackS™ Setup

This video demonstrates how to:

  • Setup your BTrackS Balance Plate
  • Open the Assess Balance Software
  • Enter a user profile for testing
  • Join the BTrackS™ Community on our Facebook Group!

    Documents, Brochures and Reports

    BTrackS™ Assess Balance Overview

    BTrackS™ Assess Sample Reports

    BTrackS™ Sport Balance Overview

    BTrackS™ Assess Interpretation

    Fall Risk and Norms Overview

    Yoked Prism Application

    mCTSIB Norms Overview

    Featured Article for TAC Magazine

    Published Research Studies

    Static COP Validation

    BTrackS™/GeriFit Intervention Study

    Concussion Sensitivity Study

    mCTSIB Adult Normative Data

    Single Leg Stance Validation

    Dynamic COP Validation

    BTrackS™ for Home Healthcare

    BTrackS™ Athlete Normative Data

    Expanded mCTSIB Adult Norms

    Target Tracking Training Study

    Practical COP Validation

    BTrackS™ BBT Lifespan Norms

    Minimal Effects of Fatigue Study

    Limits of Stability Reliability

    LOS Adult Norms Study

    BTrackS™ Fall Risk Metric Validation

    BBT Older Adult Norms

    Minimal Effects of Practice Study

    mCTSIB Reliability

    mCTSIB Norms and Diabetes