BTrackS Software running on Laptop

BTrackS™ Software

BTrackS™ software is user-friendly and easy to install on your existing Windows PC, laptop or tablet computer. Software upgrades occur regularly, including both performance enhancements and new features driven by existing user feedback.

Interested in using BTrackS™ for scientific research?

Standard vs Advanced Versions

BTrackS™ Assess Balance comes in “Standard” and “Advanced” versions.

The Standard version has two test protocols and three training protocols to assess and train essential aspects of balance.

The Advanced version has thirteen protocols that provide the most complete solution for identifying balance issues and training balance. This software also comes with a foam pad for the mCTSIB protocol.

BTrackS™ Software Options

BTrackS Assess Balance on laptop

BTrackS™ Assess Balance

BTrackS™ Assess Balance is an affordable and reliable clinical system used for a variety of balance assessment and training applications. Typical users include Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Senior Living Facilities, Health/Fitness Professionals and Researchers.

BTrackS™ Sport Balance

BTrackS™ Sport Balance is used to provide the balance component of an athletic concussion management protocol. Athletes are baseline tested before the season and then, after injury, are retested until they return to baseline. Typical users include Athletic Trainers and Sports Medicine Physicians who implement concussion protocols.

Recommended Computer Specifications

Computer Chip

Device: PC, Laptop or Tablet
OS: Windows 10
Connection: USB
Resolution: 1024 x 768 minimum
Processor: 2.0GH+, Dual Core+
Memory: 128GB+ HD, 4GB+ RAM