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BTrackS™ Sport Balance

BTrackS™ Sport Balance provides sports medicine professionals with a quick, objective and reliable means of assessing athletes balance at baseline and after injury or concussion.


Overview of Features

Athlete being tested on BTrackS

BTrackS™ Balance Test

  • Accurate and Reliable Results
  • Quick and Easy to Administer (~2 min)
  • Minimal Practice/Fatigue Effects
  • Twice as Effective as the BESS protocol

Concussion Study

Practice Effect Study

Fatigue Effect Study

Baseline Results

  • Objective Measure of Postural Sway
  • Percentile Ranking Categorized by Age/Sex
  • Normative Data from Over 10,000 Athletes

Normative Data Study

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Post-Baseline Results

  • Postural Sway Tracked Over Time
  • Return to Baseline Performance Criteria
  • Baseline Range based on MDC Statistics

Sample Report

Documents and Brochures

BTrackS™ Sport Balance Overview