BTrackS Software running on Laptop

BTrackS™ Explore Balance

BTrackS™ Explore Balance provides researchers and specialists with a customizable balance testing framework that has protocol development, data visualization and raw data exporting tools.

Custom Protocol Creation

  • Choose Desired Number of Trials
  • Name Trials According to Protocol Parameters
  • Specify Individual Trial Durations
  • Alter Sampling Frequency (25, 50 or 100Hz)
  • Toggle Real-time Feedback On/Off
Data Playback Screen Explore Balance

Data Visualization and Metrics

  • Real-time Center of Pressure Biofeedback
  • Post-testing Trial Playback
  • Ten Standard Metrics: Path Length, Distance, 95% Ellipse, Excursion ML/AP, Mean Velocity, Mean Frequency, Duration and RMS ML/AP
Export Screen on Explore Balance

Easy Data Exporting

  • Choose Participants/Protocols
  • Select Raw and/or Performance Data
  • Tab delimited text files for post-processing
  • Export to local computer, external drive or cloud location

Documents and Brochures

BTrackS™ Explore Balance Overview