BTrackS Software running on Laptop

BTrackS™ Software

BTrackS™ software is user-friendly and easy to install on your existing PC, laptop or tablet computer. Software upgrades occur regularly, including both performance enhancements and new features driven by existing user feedback.

BTrackS™ Software Options

BTrackS Assess Balance on laptop

BTrackS™ Assess Balance

  • 12 Balance Assessment/Training Protocols
  • Fall Risk Metric with Normative Data
  • User Friendly, Intuitive Interface

BTrackS™ Explore Balance

  • Custom Protocol Creation
  • Ten Standard Balance Metrics
  • Raw Data Exporting for Offline Analysis

BTrackS™ Sport Balance

  • Baseline Balance Assessment
  • Return to Baseline Testing
  • Percentile Rankings for Age/Sex

Recommended Computer Specifications

Computer Chip

Device: PC, Laptop or Tablet
OS: Windows 10
Connection: USB
Resolution: 1024 x 768 minimum
Processor: 2.0GH+, Dual Core+
Memory: 128GB+ HD, 4GB+ RAM