Chiropractic Care and
Functional Neurology

These clinicians immediately began using BTrackS™ when it was introduced in 2014. Because most treatment is based on recurring visits, BTrackS™ is a perfect tool for ongoing balance, fall risk categorization, and weight distribution assessment.

Advantages to Chiropractic and functional neurology professionals using BTrackS™ include:

  • Continual objective assessment of balance and weight distribution, providing evidence that treatment is effective – helping to retain patients—or that changes in the treatment protocol are needed.
  • Recruitment of new patients, by promoting balance and fall-risk testing at your clinic or health and wellness fairs.
  • Several CPT codes are available for balance evaluations (97750 and 95248); your facility can determine if these are applicable in your area.

BTrackS™ Assess Balance Software was created based on feedback from dozens of practitioners. It is easy to use: Assistants can administer the test. If your office likes to provide upfront and/or ongoing objective assessments as part of your service offering, you can add BTrackS™ with Assess Balance for just $1495.00.

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