BTrackS™ Software
Application Specific and User Friendly

BTrackS™ software apps are constantly evolving and easy to install on your existing PC, laptop or tablet computer. Each app provides valuable testing visuals, data analytics and profile management features that have been custom designed for your specific testing need. To learn more about the various testing solutions currently available for BTrackS™, choose your primary area of expertise from one of the categories depicted below.

Current BTrackS™ Software Applications

  • Balance and Fall Risk Assessment
  • Percentile Rankings for Age/Sex
  • Posture and Weight Distribution Testing
  • Biofeedback-based Balance Training
  • Optional CTSIB for Sensory Screening

  • Baseline Balance Assessment
  • Post Concussion/Injury Evaluation
  • Return to Baseline Information
  • Printable Athlete Testing Reports
  • Percentile Rankings for Age/Sex

  • Customizable Data Collection Framework
  • Simple Balance Protocol Development
  • Post-hoc Playback of Testing Data
  • Raw Data Exporting for Post Processing
  • Ten Standard Balance Metrics Calculated

Learn How to Use BTrackS™ for your Organization/Profession

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