Introducing BTrackS™

BTrackS is a fast, accurate and affordable system that computes the postural sway of an athlete, based on his or her center of pressure, which is comparable to gold-standard force plates used by leading hospitals and balance centers around the world.  Finally, athletic trainers, doctors, coaches, and parents have access to a reliable and low cost product that can accurately measure balance. If your organization measures balance as part of your concussion protocol – BTrackS is for you.

How Does BTrackS™ Work?

1. Baseline balance test every athlete

2. Test Athlete if injury

3. Test Athlete Daily following injury

4. Athlete's balance returns to baseline

What people are saying about BTrackS™

“San Diego State University has partnered with Balance Tracking Systems and we’ve baselined many athletes.  BTrackS is simple, accurate and inexpensive – it’s the perfect solution for every college athletic training room.”

Tom Abdenour, DHSc, ATC, CES., Head Athletic Trainer, San Diego State University

Robbie Bowers, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer
Rancho Bernardo High School

“BTrackS is the perfect solution for trusted objective balance assessment. After using BTrackS, I cannot imagine using the old visual test to baseline or evaluate my student athletes. BTrackS is fast, reliable, and objective. It’s all any athletic trainer or concussion specialist could possibly ask for.”

Lacey Sovacool, MA, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer
Mission Hills High School

“As an athletic trainer I wanted a proven balance testing solution that would provide the best treatment for my athletes, and that is exactly what BTrackS provides. Balance is measured by calculating center of pressure body sway – the same method used at balance clinics around the world.”

Jasper Chang, MA, ATC, CES

Athletic Trainer
San Diego Mesa College

“Force Plate measures are an industry standard when it comes to balance assessment and BTrackS makes this valuable resource a possibility to have in any clinic or athletic training room. Current clinical balance assessment methods are finicky, but BTrackS makes balance assessment easy, reliable and safe.”