Affordable, Gold Standard Balance Testing

The Balance Tracking System (BTrackS™) is a perfect solution for all your balance testing needs. In less than two minutes, BTrackS™ provides objective, accurate and reliable balance results at a fraction of the cost of similar devices. BTrackS™ is also lightweight, and truly portable, so you can perform your balance testing anytime and anywhere.

New Partnership Announced!

Balance Tracking Systems and Geri-Fit® recently entered a partnership to provide BTrackS™ to agencies responsible for implementing evidence-based health promotion and fall prevention programs for older adults. BTrackS™ will be used to measure and track the balance of seniors and provide objective evidence regarding their balance improvement and the effectiveness of the training programs.

BTrackS™ in the News

San Diego CW-6 reporter Tabitha Lipkin spoke with the Founder of BTrackS™ to see how it can measure a person’s recovery from a head injury at a fraction of the cost of other methods. Click the video to the right to watch the full report.

BTrackS has also been featured by the following news outlets:

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